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MACP Transfer petition cases Of Narayan Kalita & Sanjay Kumar admitted &clubbed today with Mohan Nair Case in Apex Court due on 22/07/16.

CPWD Engineer’s Association Transfer Petitions cases from Guwahati High Court in Narayan Kalita case and from Delhi High Court in Sanjay Kumar case were listed in Supreme Court today i.e 04July 2016. 

New ASG appeared on behalf of Govt and said he has no objection for admitting these Petitions. Judges now clubbed the cases with Mohanan Nair and other cases on MACP in promotional hierarchy scheduled for hearing on 22nd July 2016. 

Our Association Intervention Petition is already clubbed with these cases. So next D-Day is 22nd July.


General Secretary,

CPWD Engineer’s Association.

(Posted by K.C.Pant)

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