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It is a great pleasure to inform you that CPWD Engineers Association has launched its Blogging page. Now this page will bring to you latest developments/activities of our Members. All efforts are being made to ensure that this website caters to the requirement of CPWD Engineers so far as their various information through this Association is concerned. In course of time this page would be the most useful source of information and would reduce the gap between the Engineers and this Association. Please must inform to other members too. This page is added for various interesting things, Important News & Activities of Association .

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  1. My dear colleagues these are the actual facts about promotional opportunities from the cadre of junior engineer to the cadre of assistant engineer…please go through it…Dear friends as on 31.12.2015 there are 378(2002 to 2014)+21(2014-15)+31(2015-16) = 430 LDCE vacancies are there and 85+124=209 Regular promotion vacancies are there …There are 500 and ODD Adhoc EE vacancies yet to be regularized if it Happens all adhoc AE’s will be regularized and we can see no adhoc AE’s in our JE seniority list —after completion of regularization process solidly we will get 430+209 =639(Plus or minus 50) for promoting junior engineers to the cadre of assistant engineers …if these are all happens in a right way up to 2003 batch even part of 2005 batch also gets promotions in the year of 2016 ..Later on as we well known that huge retirement vacancies are in the cadre of assistant enginners as well as in EE the young generations will get promotions for 10 or 9 even for 8 years ..Lets hope for the best

    So we have seen the illumination now we will discuss about barriers

    1) LDCE it is the word am hearing from my joining date in the department since i am going to complete my five years of service in the department i am also eligible for that word but the only fear i had is, it has taken 14 years to conduct a LDCE weather we will stop it with 14 or it will continue if it will continue my dear friends please forget about the Above para because if examination not conducted the accumulation of LDCE vacancies causes stagnation and Leeds to 5 time the court cases what we have now.

    Now we will see the examination part– IF LDCE notification is Published by DGW office how many of you can assure No body will got to Court to stop examination we have already seen number of ways to stop .sir we cant stop the people who are going to the courts with the only motto to stop the examination …sir if once court admitted a case we have to watch for the judgment like Rain in the desert ..

    Sir we have the clear ways but we are complicating and closing the ways with our own hands please just keep our egos aside and we will think we want promotion or we want promotion through only LDCE ?

    1) Sir with the above facts Now we have to DEMAND our bureaucrats for promotions of 639 vacancies in any manner by LDCE or one time diversion or anything else

    if anything wrong in the above subject please ignore it and present your views to get early promotions.

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