Latest Circular for Entry of Engineering Degree Qualification in the Seniority List of AEs (Civil & Electrical).

No. 29/4/2013/EC-III

Government of India Directorate  General

Central Public Works Department (EC-III Section)


Series: Seniority List

Office Memorandum

        Nirman Bhawan, New Delh

Dated 17th     February, 2014

Subject:  Entry of Engineering Degree Qualification in the Seniority List of AEs (Civil & Electrical).


       Promotional benefits of acquiring engineering degree by Assistant Engineers (Civil & Electrical) is available only when the degree qualification has been entered in the seniority list issued by the Directorate .

       It is, therefore, the responsibility of every Assistant Engineer acqmrmg degree qualification to notify the Directorate and get their degree qualification entered in seniority list at the earliest as no retrospective benefit of degree for promotion will be given.

 Therefore, concerned AEs (Civil & Electrical), who have acquired engineering degree are requested to get their degree entered in the current seniority list at the earliest possible.

 While sending the case for entering the degree, the following documents must accompany with the case:

(1)            Copy of relevant pages of Service Book (duly attested), where the entry of degree qualification,  if made by  their  controlling  officer, is available  m service book.

(2)            Proforma duly signed by concerned controlling officer (copy enclosed)

(3)            Attested copy of     Degree Certificate and Marks Sheet

(4)            Attested copy of NOC/ permission given  for study

(5)            Attested copy of Degree verification letter from the concerned  University  /Institution

 (C. Daulaguphu)

Dy . Secretary- Admn.I


(i)               All SDGs

(ii)             All ADGs  : It is requested  to ensure that this O.M. reaches  to earch AEs/ JEs under their region.


1. Name of the AE
2. SI. No. in Seniority List of 2011
3. Present posting
4. Date of Birth
5. Date of promotion in the grade of AE (Adhoc/Regular)
6. Educational   ·  qualification    at    the      time    of appointment  as JE
7. Date of acquiring higher education qualification
8. Date of declaration of result
9. Date of intimation to Controlling Officer
10. Date of entry in Service Book
11. Any intimation sent to DG(W) for updating of Seniority List
12. Name of the Degree/Post graduation
13. Name of the Universit y / Institution
14. Whether the concerned  Institute / University is authorized to grant such Degree/P .G Degree by AICTE/UGC
15. Attested copy of Degree Certificate and Marks Sheet
16. Attested copy of Degree verification letter from the concerned University / Institution
17. Attested copy of NOC/  permission for study
18. Attested copy of the Ist page of the Service Book
19. Whether the Degree has been obtained throughDistance Mode/ Evening Classes / RegularClasses
20. Reasons  for  delay  in  applying  the  entry  of Degree in the Seniority List

Signature of the Competent Authority



 Performa-Entry of Degree


About CPWD Engineers' Association

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