Serving CPWD employees posted with Delhi (PWD) will continue to avail Delhi Govt. Employees Health Scheme, and upon retirement from Delhi Govt.

FTS No.2845
Date : 4/6/2013
Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi,
Dated the 31st May, 213.

Subject : CGHS facilities to the CPWD officers / staff posted in Delhi (PWD) – forwarding of minutes.

The undersigned is directed to forward herewith the minutes of the meeting held on 24.5.2013 at 3.00 PM in the Chamber of JS(L&W) regarding CGHS facilities to the CPWD officers/staff posted in Delhi (PWD).

(Robin Adaval)
Director (Works)


The meeting with regard to the CGHS facilities to the CPWD employees posted in Delhi (PWD) was held as scheduled on 24.5.2013. The following were present:

1. Shri Dharmendra, Jt. Secy. MOUD — On the Chair
2. Shri K.C. Singh, DDG (HQ) CPWD

3. Shri V.P. Singh, Dy. Secy.(CGHS)
4. Dr. B. Gupta, JD(HQ)
5. Dr. P.K. Malik, Addl. Dir. (DGEHS), GNCTD
6. Shri D.Roychowdhury, Dir.(S&D), CPWD
7. Shri Robin Adaval, Director (Works), MOUD
8. Shri R.C. Meena, Spl. Secy. FW GNCTD
9. Shri S.R. Kinra, Director(P), PWD GNCTD
10. Shri J.S. Rawat, Consultant (US FW.I), MOUD

2. At the outset JS(L&W) informed the participants with regard to the CPWD officers/staff posted in Delhi (PWD) not being allowed the CGHS facility though they are Central Government employees. It was clarified that the CPWD employees are posted to Delhi (PWD) as an existing arrangement with the Delhi Government and not on deputation basis and also being UT with legislature.

3. It was clarified by Jt. Director (HQr.), CGHS, M/o H&FW that this issue was examined earlier also and since the CPWD employees posted in Delhi (PWD) receive their salary from the State Account, so they are not covered under the CGHS Scheme. Officers drawing pension through Central Pension Accounting Office are being allowed the CGHS facility. DS(CGHS), M/o H&FW, however, further clarified that the CGHS Scheme is meant for the Central Government employees drawing their salary from the Central Civil Estimates. In case the CPWD employees posted in Delhi (PWD) are also drawing their salaries from out of the Central Civil Estimates, extending CGHS facility to them may not be a problem.

4. Addl. Director DGEHS, Govt. of Delhi clarified that the Delhi Govt. Health Scheme is also equally good and is working on the same footing as in the CGHS. It provides almost all facilities to its employees as is being provided under the CGHS.

5. JD(HQ), CGHS, further clarified that in case the CPWD employees are drawing their pension from the Central Pension Accounting office, the CGHS facilities would be extended to each and every CPWD employee. The only requirement would be that they will have to produce the IPO issued by CPAO.

6. It was, therefore, decided that the serving CPWD employees posted with Delhi (PWD) will continue to avail Delhi Govt. Employees Health Scheme, and upon retirement from Delhi Govt. would be allowed CGHS facility on production of the PPO issued by Central Pension Accounting Office.

The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair.

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