FUNDERMAX’s High Pressure Laminates (hpl) for Facade/Wall Cladding

FUNDERMAX’s High Pressure Laminates (hpl) for Facade/Wall Cladding

FUNDERMAX, the leading manufacturer of high pressure laminates (hpl) for interior and exterior applications has presence in India through its 100% subsidiary company, FunderMax India Pvt. Ltd., with corporate office in Bangalore. With more than thousand projects to its name, FUNDERMAX offers highly durable and versatile Compact exterior panels which have been well appreciated in India and have adorned hundreds of residential and commercial premises in a short span. The virtually limitless variety of possible designs make FunderMax Compact panels an innovative companion for discerning architecture which is long lasting, cost effective and superior quality, making it a pioneer in this category. With its diverse range of plain colours, woodgrain and stone decors, FunderMax breaks the monotony of conventional facade cladding.

It also offers ‘Individual Decors’ for the aficionados of customization and proffer choice to its customers to create decors of their choice. It also has a range of the standardized designs available in Individual decors, to choose from. These aesthetically appealing Individual decors have all the technical features of FunderMax Compact panels.

There panels are adorned with versatile attributes like Optimal light fastness, Double hardened, Scr‎atch resistant, Solvent resistant, Easy to clean, Impact resistant, Suitable for all exterior applications, Decorative, Self-supporting, Bending resistant, Frost resistant, Heat resistant and Easy to Install.

Some of the exterior applications are : Facade Claddings, Balcony Claddings, Partitions, Fences, Attic Claddings, Outdoor Furniture, Public Facilities, Playground facilities, Sports Facilities, Sun Protection, Awnings, Business Entry Portals, Children Play home and Functional Constructions & in Interior specialized applications like Toilet Cubicles, Tabletops etc.

Whereas the Interior applications include Wall Cladding, Partitions, Rest ro‎om cubicles, Locker ro‎om cubicles, Ind‎oor Furniture, Tabletops, and specialised applications like Lab Furniture.

FunderMax opens up a whole new world of possibilities “for people who create.


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