Aluminium & Architecture – “Building for the future”

Aluminium & Architecture
Aluminium is a modern material, which allows a virtually infinite variety of shapes, combining durability and design freedom. Aluminium is now a vital component of modern architecture and construction technology as the most preferred material for a range of applications. ALUFORM has been producing aluminium profile systems for decades, develops them constantly and always corresponds with the state-of-the-art technology. Not without pride, the company looks back on a produced area of more than 100 millions m2 for roof / wall Cladding and not to forget the The world’s largest aluminium roof – Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi – built with INTERFALZ® standing seam systems – a standing testimony of our capability & capacity. With wide range of more than 4000 different colors – Aluform provides architects and planners with creative space for modern architecture as well as sustainable design solutions that are environment friendly.

Aluminium Façade

ALUFORM Façade Systems offer a true “GREEN” product that’s 100% recyclable, non-composite, low in mass and high in structural stability, maintenance free with high heat reflectance properties. Offered as engineered profiles as long as 5Meters, Aluform profiles available as solid as well perforated can offer distinctive facades with minimal & silicone sealant free joints. Aluform Sinusoidal, trapezoidal, siding profiles and cassettes open up creative possibility for eco-friendly architectural design rich in form and colour. ALUTHERM Sandwich Elements–for roofs and walls have excellent insulation properties meet the stipulations of Green Building Norms combined with outstanding anti-corrosion properties,low weight of aluminium and the high load-bearing capacity.

Aluminium Roof

For the ROOF ALUFORM offers INTERFALZ® range of standing seam systems -FALZRIPP®/ALUDECK®. Almost anything is possible with FALZRIPP® and ALUDECK® aluminium profiles to realize the design of innovative architectural projects especially for a durable roof and also facade coverings. Since we offer a wide range of 16 profile variants, you can choose the one that fits your architectural design, load capacity and usage requirements best-unlike the present condition in India where limited profile elements are offered as standard solution for all shapes.

Worldwide mobile roll forming

High-quality products and efficient project management form the basis for profitable partnerships. Supplementary to the Aluform roll former, we offer mobile roll forming at project site as well, where Interfalz® profiled panels can be manufactured on-site to produce straight, tapered and curved profiles as per design requirements.


Protecting the environment is part of our corporate philosophy. ALUFORM manufactures its products by paying the greatest possible attention to the environment and is constantly working on improving its manufacturing technologies. Our manufacturing facility in Bernsdorf Germany is built as true eco-friendly plant where Approx. 85 % of the heat required by the factory is produced by a newly constructed biogas combined heat and power plant. This enables ALUFORM to reduce its CO 2 emissions by 500 tonnes per annum. The installed ALU SOLAR photovoltaic panel roof system feeds energy into the grid further reducing our carbon footprint.

Aluform Quality

All Aluform products are subject to strict tests performed by Aluform specialists. On a daily basis, our personnel test the aluminium profiles based on criteria such as strength, load-bearing capacity, material composition and much more. Aluform offers profiled roll-formed products using the best raw materials available in the Industry. With these strict controls in place, the high standard of our aluminium profiles is guaranteed. In India we offer our products through network of regional distributors as well experienced associate installers who are trained on the products to deliver installations as per manufacturers guidelines and ensure high quality finish.

MGS Architecture September-October 2012


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