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It is a great pleasure to inform you that CPWD Engineers Association has launched its Blogging page. Now this page will bring to you latest developments/activities of our Members. All efforts are being made to ensure that this website caters to the requirement of CPWD Engineers so far as their various information through this Association is concerned. In course of time this page would be the most useful source of information and would reduce the gap between the Engineers and this Association. Please must inform to other members too. This page is added for various interesting things, Important News & Activities of Association .

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  1. My dear Charanbabu
    The following matters are placed before you as some food for thought ;
    1. It is learnt that the department is unable to give promotions from the post of CE to ADG and ADG to Spl DG and even from SE to CE on the plea of non-availability of eligible candidates. The incumbency period for promotion from CE to ADG is one year as on first January of the year. This is due to the fact that many posts at upper levels have been created though eligible candidates are not available. In other words more scope of promotion than actually feasible / required has been opened at upper level in the last irrational cadre review. At the same time, much less posts have been created in cadre review in the level of EE and SE and as a result AEs are getting promotion to the post of EE many years after becoming eligible for the same. Appropriate authority (Ministry) is therefore required to be approached to have a relook on the issue and reduce some posts at upper level and create additional posts at the level of EE and SE for better monitoring of the work / projects.

    2. After cadre review, the posts of CE has become common irrespective of whether they are from civil or electrical discipline. There are two civil circles headed by SE (Civil) and one electrical circle headed by SE (El) under each CE / Zone. Apart from that one SE (P) is there. The SE (P) is from civil discipline only. For any design, estimate, tender processing etc. there is no much problem for civil works as even if the CE is form Electrical discipline, there are always one SE (P) available from civil discipline from whom the EE (P) Civil and AE (P) civil may get necessary advise / guidance. But in case of a zone headed by CE (Civil), the concerned EE (P) E working under CE (Civil) does not have any scope for further guidance / advise / technical discussion with higher officers in electrical discipline as both the SE (P) and CE of the zone are from civil discipline. In such zones, the CEs and SE(P)s opine that they do not have any responsibility for electrical work and the entire responsibility for electrical work for its correctness / effectiveness / sanctity, the concerned EE (P) is responsible only. This ultimately creates lot of problem to the EE (P) E as incidentally he becomes the ultimate authority for all electrical works under the zone for taking decision and is therefore always vulnerable to vigilance action for any mistake. To get rid of the problem there can be two options. Option – 1 : There shall be two SE (P) under each CE. One SE (P) Civil and the other SE (P) Elect. In this case some more posts of SE (E) needs to be created by reducing other non-productive posts at higher level. Option – 2 : The SE (E) of the Electrical Circle under each Zone / CE, may be delegated the function of SE (P) for electrical works as additional function.

    3. It is also to be noted that if the CE post becomes purely administrative, then what is the need of so many CEs. CEs are to exercise their financial power only as they may not be able to put technical expertise / advise in discipline other than their own. For exercising financial power so many posts of CEs are not required. Common CE or ADG may do the job very well.

    4. Out of the total posts of SE (E), only 35 are in position. There is no available regular EE (E) in the department who can be promoted to the post of SE (E) except a very few, who could not be promoted due to vigilance case or so. The department has issued circular that the senior most EE (E) in the station will do the routine works of the Circle while the SE (E) available in the station will take over the charge of other electrical circle also. This is injustice on EE (E). The department did not take any positive action in pursuing the Hon’ble Court of Law in the case of regularization of EE and fixing their seniority for years together. As a result they are now not finding EE (E) regular for promoting to the post of SE (E) though a number of posts are vacant and a number of EEs (E) are there who could otherwise considered for promotion if they were regular. Our Association should oppose the proposal tooth and nail and ask the department to get the court case cleared for regularizing the adhoc EEs.

    5. After cadre review, the number of CEs has been increased. Their zone / jurisdiction have been reduced than what was before the cadre review. They have practically no work. As a result they are asking for many reports, bar charts, PERT, CPM etc. from the EEs frequently on the plea of monitoring of works / projects. Due to promotion of many JEs to AEs under cadre review, the number of JEs in the department has reduced significantly. The AEs are to do the work of JEs too and therefore, cannot extend much help to EEs. Thus the EEs have been sandwiched and have become over burdened with shortage of engineers as well as shortage of clerical hands under them and due to demand of so many reports, charts etc. from CEs level. The EEs thus do not get much time to devote to the work of physical execution, monitoring, supervision and monitoring of work as most of the times are wasted in preparation of reports, charts etc. It is therefore, required to review the conditions. It will be reasonable to increase the no of posts of EEs at the cost of reduction of higher level non-productive posts so that work loads under each division is reduced.
    6. It is seen that all the court cases, arbitration cases are being dealt by EEs only even if they are of administrative matters. Under the present situation, where CEs do not have much work, posts of CEs should be utilized for dealing all court cases at their level. Some CEs may be designated as CE (Legal) or so and may be posted under each ADG / Spl DG who will deal all court cases other than arbitration.

    These points needs to be thought of judiciously and taken up at appropriate level including in apex meeting.

    Dipak Bose


  2. We need to analyse the effect of recent cadre review.

    Dipak Bose



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