High Performance Anchors / Fasteners – Hilti

Hilti offers wide range of versatile and high performance Anchors / Fasteners designed and tested for maximum reliability, safety and productivity.HST Anchor
With HST, fastenings can be made where safety is at stake, even in worse type of climatic conditions. It can be used for fixing all types of insert plates, cantilever structure, and PEBs fixing and high load applications.HST.jpg
HST is reliable, quick, strong, flexible and innovative with ETA approval for use in the tension zone of concrete components. It comes in several versions such as carbon steel, stainless steel and High corrosion resistant material. All the versions are made available to ensure the product suitability for coastal and non-coastal areas and highly corrosive environment.

It is a cold formed anchor thus anchors when bent during torqueing inside the concrete doesn’t break and holds the loads applied on it. It has been supplied to fasten external and internal ladders/ steel or iron structures on chimneys/ poles across various trades and applications. It is also used to fix the railings and crash barrier where the sudden shock loads are very common. This is possible owing to the shock load approval and cold forming process with HST. It can also be used for emergency fixings such as steel steps at emergency exits in commercial / residential buildings. Chair fixings in the stadiums and conference rooms are also promoted with HST by several OEMs across India. Thus HST is an answer to many of the applications that are encountered on a day- to-day basis on jobsites.

HRD Anchor
HRD is another anchor with versatile portfolio of applications. It is used to fasten everything everywhere; it can be used to fix structures in concrete and brick. It can also be used in cracked and uncracked concrete and is approved in solid and hollow masonry and in autoclaved aerated concrete.

Door and window frame of any material can be fixed easily with HRD and with approved loading charts for two different embedment depths. Because of unbeatable features, this anchor fastener is popular and can be seen easily on almost all the jobsites across India.

Another popular application is Jamb fixing wherein a stone is fixed with the HRD in brick or concrete to hold the stone in vertical and overhead conditions. Other areas of applications include stone façade for fixing a facade clamp to the base material so as to hold the stone in place. It is actively used for fixing the railing when the base material is brick (hollow / solid).

Hilti provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. The company’s products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value.


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