CGHS beneficiaries can perform investigation in Pvt. empanelled center- without requirement of any other referral letter

           The New Year has brought more cheer to about 80,000 beneficiaries of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) in the city as they are now not required to procure a referral letter from a senior authority to avail facilities at private centers.

              In an order dated January 1, VP Singh, deputy secretary of the ministry of health and family welfare, states, “It has now been decided that CGHS beneficiaries shall herein after be allowed to undergo investigations at private hospitals/diagnostic laboratories/imaging centers empanelled under CGHS after specific investigations have been advised by a CGHS medical officer or a government specialist without requirement of any other referral letter.

Source: Hindustan Times


About CPWD Engineers' Association

It is a great pleasure to inform you that CPWD Engineers Association has launched its Blogging page. Now this page will bring to you latest developments/activities of our Members. All efforts are being made to ensure that this website caters to the requirement of CPWD Engineers so far as their various information through this Association is concerned. In course of time this page would be the most useful source of information and would reduce the gap between the Engineers and this Association. Please must inform to other members too. This page is added for various interesting things, Important News & Activities of Association .

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