DOPT rejected the proposal for restoration of earlier ACP with one time relaxation to opt for MACP…

DOPT rejected the proposal for restoration of earlier ACP with one time relaxation to opt for MACP…

MACPS for the cadre of Junior Engineers/Assistant Engineers in CPWD…

The last proposal was sent to DOPT for consideration on above subject have also been rejected by DOPT and intimated that running of MACPS though with one time relaxation together with ACPS for a part of the cadre is contrary to the provisions of MACP Scheme. The reply of Dopt letter is reproduced and given below for your ready reference…
Anomalous and disadvantageous provisions of MACPS for the cadre of Junior Engineers/Assistant Engineers and other similarly placed cadres of CPWD.
Consequent to non acceptance of earlier proposals on above mentioned subject forwarded to Dopt in August 2009, Jan 2010 and in Nov 2011, a further proposal for restoration of earlier Assured Career Progression Scheme with one time relaxation to opt for MACPS as on 1.9.2008, who have been granted two upgradations under ACPS, was sent to DoPT in June 2012 for their consideration and approval.

DoPT has not accepted the latest proposal also and intimated that running of MACPS though with one time relaxation together with ACPS for a part of the cadre is contrary to the provisions of MACPS and hence cannot be accepted.
In the circumstances, concerned Service Associations representing Junior Engineers/Assistant Engineers/Executive Engineers and other service Associations of CPWD are requested to intimate as to scheme (ACPS or MACPS), they would like to opt for their cadres in future. The reply may be submitted within seven days of the receipt of this letter.



About CPWD Engineers' Association

It is a great pleasure to inform you that CPWD Engineers Association has launched its Blogging page. Now this page will bring to you latest developments/activities of our Members. All efforts are being made to ensure that this website caters to the requirement of CPWD Engineers so far as their various information through this Association is concerned. In course of time this page would be the most useful source of information and would reduce the gap between the Engineers and this Association. Please must inform to other members too. This page is added for various interesting things, Important News & Activities of Association .

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  1. As per new R.R Qualification for Promotion to the post of executive engineer is degree in engineering and old A.C.P is qualification basis in herarcy

    if association will give their consent for old A.C.P and accepted by govt.Diploma holder will not get grade pay of rs 6600 and purpose will be defited I will request G.S first of all we should demand for change of qualification for promotion to post of executive engineer as diploma holder with 10 year of technical experience or degree in engineering so that all diploma holder and degree holder both can get this benefit A K MAHAJAN A.E CHANDIGARH

  2. To the G.S. and other central leaderships and colleagues- regarding ACP-MACP-
    Meeting of our association took place on 05/12/2012 with JEA. GB meeting of ER in presence of G.S., Charanbabu and president, Bhupendra Singh, organized on 21/12/2012 by the leaders of that region. Letter issued from Directorate on 18/12/2012 giving seven days deadline to choose ACP/MACP in toto. Today is 27/12/2012 but no letter was given still now in favour of ACP only in toto to our Directorate by our GS and even he does not feel important to apprise his general members of the ongoing facts and figures on this sensitive issue by this internet- communication. Our leaders were already elapsed much longer time of 4(four) years and they will still go on in this fashion only. Can we not easily understand from their past deed on this issue? If they morally believe in ACP, letter favouring the same would have been placed much earlier before the expiry of deadline of 7 days. Their intension is very clear. They are verbally talking for democracy but their utmost desire is only to keep MACP. Several permutations-combinations already tried and will be tried in future also. BY KILLING THE VALUABLE TIME AND UPHOLDING THE PROCESS OF MACP BY OUR ASSOCIATION, THIS CASE OF MACP-V/S-ACP WILL ULTIMATELY REACH IN SUCH A POSITION THAT ACP CANNOT BE IMPLEMENTED THEN IN FUTURE ALSO, THOUGH IT FINDS FAVOUR OVER MACP BY THE GOVT. CPWD engineering cadre in total central government in not an unique cadre. Our cadre will not be permitted to get benefited from both the scheme by DoPT and Finance. If it deserves so, Govt. would have not turned down the proposal -recommendations which were already made by our Department repeatedly for the last four times. Please think-think-think on this simple matter and proceed as you like because you are on chair and got every right to kill valuable time for the only benefit of partial cadre-not as a whole. Is not it so? If differs, please post your comments immediately for the sake of entire cadre. Silence on your part, in turn, mutely admits nothing but something undemocratic. Thanks.

  3. Assistant Engineer(Civil),of ANDAMAN PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT cadres like option for SCHEME FOR ACPS

    • ACP chahane se kya hoga-Netritwa ko chahana hoga-tab na milega.Ohlog MACP ko 100% implement karte karte ACP ka nam nishan mit jayega.

  4. Laksha should be for ACP only

  5. Ramakant Upadhyaya

    Samay ki maang hai ab to sabko ek ho jaanaa chahiye. Lakshya yadi ek rakkha jaya to safalataa nishchit hai. Best of luck. Regards

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