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A meeting has been held with the representatives of CPWD Engineers Association on 20/09/2012 in the chamber of DG, CPWD under the chairmanship of Sh. S.K.Mittal, DG, CPWD to discuss the agenda submitted by the Association vide their letter No. CPWDEA/07/44 dated 18/05/12 and even No. 69 dated 07/09/2012.


The following were present in the meeting.


Official Side

  1. Sh. V.K.Gupta, Spl. DG(HQ)
  2. Sh. P.K.Garg, DDG(Pers.)
  3. Sh. Balraj Chadda, DDG(HQ)
  4. Sh. Sudhir Kumar, DDG(Works.)
  5. Sh. Anupam Aggarwal, Director Works (S&D)
  6. Sh. K.S.Gaur, EE, S&D



Association Side

  1. Sh. Bhupendra Singh, President
  2. Sh. Kamlakar Singh, Vice President
  3. Sh. P.R.Charan Babu, General Secretary
  4. Sh. Harpal Singh, Joint Secretary
  5. Sh. S.N.Moitra, Finance Secretary
  6. Sh. V.P.Singh, Chairman Action Committee
  7. Sh. T.N.Pandey, Executive Member


The agenda items were discussed and the following decisions were taken in the meeting.


  1. 1.     Immediate restoration of ACP Scheme and granting minimum `. 6600/- Grade Pay to all AEs after 24 years along with one time relaxation to opt for MACPS as on 01/09/08 to those AEs and EEs who already got 2 upgradations under ACPS:- The Association wanted to know the latest position of the recommendation by the CPWD & UD Ministry in this regard to DoPT. They were informed that the matter is still pending with DoPT and a reminder in the form of DO letter from JS(L&W), UD Ministry to JS(Pers) of DoPT was sent recently urging the DoPT to expedite the matter. The Association stated that in the recent national anomaly committee meeting in July 2012,  the proposal of staff side to approve individual option between MACPS & ACPS has been rejected by the official side and they expressed the doubt that the proposal of UD Ministry specific to CPWD may also likely to be turned down by the Government. They requested the DG to depute one senior officer of JS level to pursue the matter with the DoPT and department of expenditure, which was agreed to. The Association wanted to record their specific demand for continuation of benefits of the erstwhile ACP scheme by any means and they requested the administration should take all possible steps to ensure this while finalizing any future proposal in this regard.      (Action: Director S&D)


  1. 2.    Time bound approval of `. 7600/- Grade Pay to all eligible AEs & EEs as per MACPS:- The Association requested for time bound release of ` 7600/- grade pay to all eligible officers, as only about 400 cases have been cleared till date out of more than 2500 eligible to get it. They were informed that about 1300 more cases are received in the directorate and they will be considered and granted the benefits by Dec. 2012 by holding DPCs every month. The next such meeting is scheduled on 25th Sept. 2012 and the cases will be considered as per the seniority/ date of joining the department only. The Association requested that this target may be strictly adhered. They also stated to reconsider left out cases for want of APARs and unfit cases should be informed for upgradation of APAR gradings as per DoPT guidelines         (Action:- DDG(HQ)/EC-III)


  1. 3.    Immediate adhoc promotions of AE to EE against all existing vacancies i/c cadre review posts in Civil and Electrical streams in both Diploma and Degree quotas as per CAT (PB)’s orders dated 04/05/12 ensuring SC/ST quota:- The Association has requested for release of the promotions in electrical stream as per interim orders issued by CAT, PB on 18/09/12 for the year 2011-12, as has been done in the Civil stream, which was agreed to. They also requested for preparing panels in civil and electrical streams for the year 2012-13 vacancies and release the promotions to the extant vacancies are presently available, which was also agreed too. They requested to make promotions in ST quota for the year 2012-13 in diploma stream as they are eligible for this year without any need for relaxation of eligible service for which a proposal was sent to DoPT for the year 2011-12, which is yet to be approved. This suggestion was also acceded to. The DG has also agreed to consider the proposal of the Association for filling up unfilled AEE quota vacancies for which consent of UD Ministry will be sought.                                                                       (Action DDG(Pers)


  1. 4.    Re-designation of the post of AE as Deputy EE as already approved by UD Minister  in line with other posts like ADG(spl.) as Spl. DG, PCE as ADG, D’ Man as Estimator etc. as per DoPT’s clarification empowering UD Ministry to re-designate any post:-  The Association requested to send this proposal with the DG’s recommendation to the ministry as the re-designation has already been approved by Sh. S.Jaipal Reddy, the then UD Minister and recommended to DoPT. Since DoPT clarified recently that for any re-designation or change in nomenclature of any post in CPWD, their approval is not required and UD Minister can approve the same in consultation with the integrated finance department. They also stated that as required by the UDM and the directorate they have submitted the functional justification for such re-designation. It was agreed to recommend the same from the directorate.                              (Action: Director S&D)


  1. 5.    Abolition of departmental accounts exams for AEs & EEs by replacing the same with induction training in accounts on promotion for releasing increments:- The Association requested that the departmental accounts exam should be done away  with by replacing the same with induction training on promotion as many senior AEs and EEs are facing difficulties in clearing the exam due to their pre-occupation in duties or old age etc. They were replied by DG that such major changes in manual procedures may take a long time but in the proposed amended recruitment rules for Class-I engineers, the provision for compulsory training before promotion is made which can be extended to AEs also. It was assured that the matter will be considered after notification of the amended RRs.                                                                          (Action: Director S&D)


  1. 6.    Removal of anomaly in the initial pay scale of AE by correcting the contradiction in para 3.4.7 and 7.46.12 of 6th CPC Report: The Association was informed that the proposal to grant `. 5400/- grade pay to AEs has been turned down by the finance ministry. But the matter is again taken up with them by the UD Ministry highlighting the discrepancies in the 6th CPC report in para 3.4.7 & 7.46.12 in which the stipulation of element of direct recruitment and degree in engineering as prescribed qualification for the post of AE are not applicable in CPWD. The Association requested to pursue this matter also in the finance ministry by deputing a senior officer which was agreed to.     (Action: Director S&D)
  2. 7.    Immediate amendment of Recruitment Rules of AE to EE as per DoPT’s rules with failing which clause while protecting the interest of all incumbent Diploma AEs:- The Association was informed that the proposed amended recruitment rules for class-I engineers have already been approved by DoPT and UPSC and the same are being sent to law ministry for vetting. They were informed that the provision for continuation of promotion of diploma holder AEs as on the date of notification of amended RRs within their 1/3 quota is made but after the notification only graduate AEs will be eligible for promotion to EE post. They were also informed that the provision of failing which clause or transfer of unfilled quota after time gap of 2 to 3 years for carry over is not possible at this stage as RRs are in final stage of approval. Hence this can be considered later.   (Action: Director S&D)


  1. 8.    Immediate restoration of approved final seniority lists of AEs and EEs published during the years 2002 & 2004 respectively as per Delhi High Court’s orders:- The Association was informed that the CAT, PB order / judgment is being awaited as the hearing is concluded and judgment is reserved in the seniority dispute cases. The matter will be finalized after the receipt of judgment.                  (Action: DDG(HQ)/ECIII)


  1. 9.    Approval & Notification of amended Transfer & Posting guidelines of EEs & SEs with rotation between field and planning and declaration of IT Valuation/QA posts etc. as sensitive planning posts instead of field posts:- The Association was informed that the final guidelines are pending in the UD Ministry for the minister’s approval. The Association stated that many months have passed since the submission of final guidelines to the minister and the matter should be pursued for the early notification for which the DG has agreed. The Association also asked for implementation of change of nature of post in valuation cell and quality assurance from field to sensitive planning for the AEs at least, as these guidelines are within the DG’s power for which they were informed that different criteria in different cadres is not possible and guidelines will have to be approved by the minister in principle. Their request for practical implementation of the proposal for rotation between planning and field at the level of EEs and SEs will be considered.                          (Action: DDG(Pers)


10. Immediate regularization of all adhoc AEs by holding regular DPCs from 2007 to 12:- The Association was informed that the proposal for regularization of adhoc AEs under the seniority quota upto the year 2011-12 is already with the DG and the regularization   will be done within a month by holding DPCs. They requested to complete the process before the notification of amended RRs which will be considered.  (Action: DDG(HQ)/EC-III)


11. Grant of `. 7500-12000/- scale to all eligible AEs as per seniority and release of arrears stopped by various PAOs to those AEs who are already granted the scale:- The Association felt that the objections being raised by PAOs and CCA for release of arrears of pay to the officers already granted this pay scale by DG after Court orders and approval by the Finance Ministry is totally illogical and is causing hardship to them. They also informed similar objections are raised in pay fixation and payment of arrears while granting 7600/- G.P under MACPS. They demanded that the matter should be sorted out forthwith. They were informed that as required by CCA the matter was referred to DoPT who asked to take the opinion of expenditure department. The queries raised by integrated finance wing of UD Ministry are replied stating that this issue has attained finality in the case of FC Jain which had the approval of Supreme Court, DoPT and finance ministry. The Association requested to pursue the matter for early resolution which was agreed to.                                         (Action: DDG(HQ)/EC-III)


12. Simplification of manual procedures with enhanced delegated powers to field officers along with implementation of cadre restructuring:- The Association referred to their earlier submission in r/o removal of in-principal approvals by TS authority for any deviation in works, making the delegated powers absolute at every level, relaxing the conditions for work orders through spot quotations, restoring the powers of SEs as Project Manager by one higher level etc. while making final proposals in the change monitoring committee recommendations. They stated that such structural changes and simplification are very necessary to compete with PSUs like NBCC, RITES etc. in satisfying clients’ needs. They also proposed that they will submit detailed list of their suggestions for improvement of the functioning of CPWD for changes in manual as well as GCC as has been done earlier. It was agreed to consider all these issues while making changes in system.                                                                          (Action: CE(CSQ))


13. Regularization of adhoc EEs as per UPSC’s approved panel in the year 2004 and holding regular DPCs for balance vacancies as there is no stay by any court:- The Association demanded immediate regularization of 1st batch of adhoc EEs promoted during April-2006 based on UPSC panels received in the year 2004 as per Delhi High Court’s interim order. They stated that CWP 840/2003 along with 858/2003 are dismissed by the DHC on 19/01/2012 without pronouncing the judgment and hence the interim orders dated 30/03/2006 became absolute. They were informed that the Government counsel has opined that CWP 858/ 2003 is still pending and on the instructions from the directorate he has already filed an application before the DHC which is listed on 21/09/12. They however were informed that the process for regularization will be taken up in true spirit with the UD Ministry and follow up action will be taken with UPSC and the DHC whenever required.                    (Action: DDG(Pers))


14. Restoration of open MHA Passes to all AEs:- The Association was informed that Secretary (UD) has already turned down this demand. They stated that they have taken up the issue with Hon’ble UDM in the meeting on 12/03/2012 who assured to restore the same in the public interest. They requested the directorate to recommend the same to the minister.                                                                  (Action: DDG(HQ/Gen Section)



15. Increase in tender powers of AEs to at least `. 10 lacs in view of e-tendering:- The Association was informed that the revision of delegated powers is being done and their demand will be considered as per rules at appropriate time. However, the Association stated that in view of e-tendering there is little scope of any complaints at lower level tenders and the powers should be raised substantially at AE level for stream lining the system and for better deliverance.                                                     (Action: CE(CSQ))


16. Grant of Design and Planning allowance @ 20% of basic pay to AEs & EEs:- The Association was informed that planning allowance @ 10% of basic pay and design allowance @ 25% of basic pay has already been recommended to the finance ministry long back but nothing has been heard so far. The Association requested to pursue the matter till logical conclusion through a senior officer.                              (Action: Director S&D)


17. Improvement in working condition of AEs and EEs:- The Association requested for provision of mobile connection as well as inspection vehicle to all field officers in the interest of work. They were informed about an audit objection in this regard in some projects where such provision was made earlier in the contract and their demand will be looked into a view of practical feasibility.                                           (Action: Director S&D)



In addition to the above listed agenda points, the Association has raised additional points as under:

  1. Abnormal delay in entry of higher qualification for AEs & EEs:- The Association stated that in dozens of cases, the higher qualification entry in the seniority list and grant of one time incentive are being delayed abnormally and in some cases for years together leading to the supersession of senior officers in degree quota in promotions. They complained that even in cases where the one time incentive was already granted by the directorate with the approval of UD Ministry, entry of qualification in the seniority list is not being done which is not at all acceptable. They urged that the first come first serve system should be followed and the service book entry by the concerned controlling officer as well as their certificate that the degree has been verified for its genuineness should be enough for making the necessary entries. It was agreed to devise a system in which such delays are avoided in future.    (Action: DDG(HQ)/EC-III)


  1. Shifting of date of effect of 2nd ACP upgradation by 37 days due to strike period-Audit note against the same:- The Association stated that in Chennai during an internal audit, in such cases a para has been made questioning the postponement of date of effect quoting FR-17 and DoPT clarifications in this regard which also mandated to restore the original date by re-fixing in the cases of Sh. Gopalakrishnan, S.Periannan etc. Even the CCA has confirmed that the audit note is correct and action for refixing of pay by restoration of the original date should be taken by the CPWD. They demanded immediate action on this issue and they were assured that matter will be looked into in view of the submission made by them.                                               (Action: DDG(HQ)/EC-III)
  2. Special allowances for projects like Chungtang etc: The Association raised the issue of demand of extra allowances like high altitude allowance, risk allowance, project allowance, hard area allowance, medical insurance and life insurance etc. which were already taken up with CE,IBBZ and ADG (Border) in case of Chungtang Project in Sikkim and similar other projects. They said that in principle approval by HLEC of MHA is received and specific recommendations / schemes should be devised immediately to grant solace to the officers working under very trying conditions at altitudes more than 17000 feet in extreme dangerous conditions. They were assured that this will be taken up on priority.                                                                                        (Action: ADG(Border))
  3. Cancellation of Inter-Regional Transfers of AEs who attained more than 50 years of age without their relieving and other related issues: The Association requested to cancel unimplemented inter-regional transfers of AEs who attained 50 years of age as on date due to any administrative reason as has been done in a few similar cases. They were assured that this will looked into. The association also stated that in view of huge number of expected promotions from JE to AE, the shortage of AEs in ER & WR which are the deficient regions will be met with to a large extent and there is no need to transfer AEs from NR to these regions. They also requested for timely transfer back of AEs who are working in other regions on IRT transfer. It was agreed to look into this matter. The Association also raised the issue of relaxation of tenure in specific cases for posting them back to their choice station for 1 or 2 years in view of a circular issued by the directorate in this regard and felt that such a concession will be misused in most of the cases while the genuine cases will be denied. They wanted that this circular is only for extremely deserving cases on major health grounds etc. and that condition cannot be diluted in normal cases. They felt that in deserving cases the hard case committee was considering posting back before completion of tenure even earlier to this circular, so they wanted no pick and choose policy be adopted and it would be better if the circular is withdrawn and the earlier practice is followed.  They were assured that the matter will be looked into.                                                                         (Action: DDG(HQ)/EC-III)
  4. The Association requested that the transfer of AEs under the NR should be entrusted to only one special DG either DR or NR in view of practical difficulty for postings in Delhi and NR. They were assured that action is already taken in this regard and only one Special DG will be in charge of transfers of AEs for whole NR as per present practice.


At the end, the Association raised the issue of abnormal delay in granting renewal of their recognition despite submission of all the details long back as per rules. They were informed that some re-verification was done as per UD Ministry’s directions and the matter is again being put up for granting renewal to the Ministry after compliance of the directions. The meeting ended with thanks to the chair.


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