PWD building 27km road on Nazafgarh drain

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English: Traffic Jam in Delhi Français : Un embouteillage à Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Delhi street

Delhi street (Photo credit: April_May)

PWD building 27km road on Nazafgarh drain
Raj Kumar Singh,cabinet minister,Delhi Government 
The Public Works Department ( PWD) in Delhi is planning to construct a 26.9km, six-lane elevated corridor over the Najafgarh drain connecting Kakrola Mor to Wazirabad over Outer Ring Road. The proposed road planned to be built like the Barapullah elevated road, will connect Kakrola Mor in west Delhi with Wazirabad in north Delhi crisscrossing through Meera Bagh and cover Delhi University‘s North Campus.

In this connection, the PWD has already conducted a feasibile study of the project from Meera Bagh to Wazirabad (16.1km) wherein the consultants had carried out the feasibility study for the Barapullah project. Now, the project has been extended to Kakrola Mor, and another feasibility study will be done of that 10.8km stretch. The proposed roads aimed at taking the traffic load off the highly congested Outer Ring Road, the elevated road will be a six-lane, divided carriageway, each 11m wide. Prior to this, the project was planned as a 16.1km elevated road connecting Meera Bagh to Wazirabad. Now, it will be extended by 10.8km from Kakrola Mor to Meera Bagh and the department has already received the green signal from the chief minister to conduct a feasibility study and will then present it to the cabinet, minister Raj Kumar Singh said. 

He said adding that the department will now hire consultants for the feasibility study which is expected to take six to eight months. The proposed corridor will be an important link to west and northeast Delhi as chord of Outer Ring Road and will reduce traffic congestion within the city by offering an alternative transport route connecting the periphery of the city. The corridor is expected to provide links to Ring Roads via radial arterial roads, other important roads and national highways because of its geographical location. The proposed road will also connect important nodes of the city such as North Campus of Delhi University, east Delhi (through Wazirabad bridge) with west Delhi. During the earlier feasibility study, the feasibility consultants were asked to conduct an additional study to integrate Delhi University traffic with the proposed corridor at DU’s request. But as the issue of extra fee for the additional work could not be settled, the consultants were unable to conduct the integration study and the entire project was eventually dropped.


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