Dear Comrades/friends,

Of late much communication is seen among many members on our website/blogpage mainly with regard to ACP/MACP dispute. Naturally all junior members who could not get Rs.6600/- GP before 31.08.2008 want ACPS to be restored without any attached conditions as it is beneficial to everyone in the long term. And senior members who were lucky to get the 2nd promotion as EE or who could get Rs.6600/-GP before 31.08.08 want to get the 3rd upgradation to Rs 7600/- GP since there can be a considerable increase in their salary and pension after retirement, as they are not hopeful of any other career advancement before retirement.

There is no doubt that both are justified in their view point. All these years we are hopeful of some amicable solution to this dispute and many permutations and combinations like a) All 3 upgradations as per promotional hierarchy, b) First 2 upgradations as per old ACPS in the promotional hierarchy and 3rd upgradation as per MACPS in the grade pay hierarchy, c) Individual option to every one to opt either ACPS or MACPS etc were proposed even at the level of JCM in the Anomaly Committee. But despite many meetings of the Anomaly Committee and Joint Committee on MACPS in the Govt. no fruitful solution was arrived at. At one time the Govt. was ready to consider Cadre/Organisation Option to be given but later on that was also felt not practicable and some other alternative was needed to be thought of.

Based on the information recd from DoPT and considering the view points of all concerned, the UD Ministry has suggested SCPS as specific scheme to CPWD engineers and similar officers in which 12,24 and 30 years scheme was mooted which is akin to the option no 2 by the JCM as cited above. However, DoPT in consultation with Finance Ministry is not agreeable to the same and going back on their original decision, they are forcing us to opt for either ACP or MACP in TOTO and not any scheme which is an amalgamation of both schemes and also stating that both the schemes can not run concurrently.

We have foreseen such a situation during the earlier Apex meeting at Chandigarh during Feb’2011 and decided to opt for ACPS only if asked by the Govt to choose between two schemes, as that is beneficial to majority of members in the long run. However due to our concerted efforts as decided in the same Apex we forced the Govt. to issue at least one list of MACP orders during Feb’2012 to establish the vested rights of senior members for future battle, since we can fight organisationally and also legal cases to protect the same as many juniors were granted the same and seniors were left out. When the issue was discussed in the latest Apex meeting at Gangtok, our earlier stand to opt for ACPS was reiterated but the demand for option to MACPS by those who already got 2 upgradations was approved. It is very clear that without 2 upgradations under ACPS the 3rd upgradation under MACPS would have been impossible and we should protect that basic right to reach Rs 6600/- GP for all after 24 years.

But of late it is seen that much bad blood is running among our members on this issue many unfortunate arguments and comments are seen on our blog page, some of which are directly accusing each other. It has gone to such an extent that some members even expressed doubts over the intentions of the Apex Committee members and questioned the central leadership by calling names like “so called dynamic leadership” etc. It is very unfortunate to any cadre when some members express doubt over integrity of their own leaders elected by them who had to endure a very tight rope walk. We firmly believe that this issue is having potential to break the cadre vertically if not handled with patience and flexibility. The decisions of our Bangaluru Zonal Office Bearers to resign en-mass stating that the Central Committee has backtracked on MACPS and there is a sudden change in the stand to restore ACPS is a classic example. Every one is well aware of the decision of Chandigarh Apex taken in Feb’2012 which is well circulated and also aware of our plan to get atleast one list of MACPS issued to fight in future for others when we fought tooth and nail for the list. But if leaders conveniently ignore the predicament of the cadre and try to force their view point only it is painful as we can understand if the same is done by ordinary members.

It is heard that some leaders and members at Kolkata and Mumbai are now agitated that why we demanded for an option instead of straightaway asking for ACPS only. They are also not happy that we have placed the demand for time bound grant of 7600/-GP for all eligible AEs and EEs. It is not understood that under the circumstances what is the way out except for demanding as we did. If only ACPS is restored without any option clause, the Diploma AEs who shall join our cadre after the new RRs are notified in near future (stipulating minimum Degree in Engg as qualification for promotion to the EE post) may not be get promoted nor they will get 2nd upgradation under ACPS unless they obtain Degree, as ACP upgradations under old scheme were granted as per RRs only. If they have an option, they can exercise the same. This of course subject to our success in getting the higher scale for AEs or any other time bound promotion scheme.

It is our earnest request to both seniors and juniors to maintain some camaraderie and flexibility in their approach to accommodate the genuine demands of the others. It is foremost request to keep faith in the leadership, which is a perfect blend of juniors and seniors who can represent both the aspirations in true spirit. If any one doesn’t believe in their own representatives’ commitment and integrity and want to force through their side of argument only, it doesn’t forebode well for our cadre.


Thanks and regards

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  1. Sri A K Aravind mahajanji’s clarification is informative, interesting and easy to understand, but difficult to contain. MACP is agreement item and ACP is substitute item and the only work pending is according approval of the competent authority; agreed. But the agreement conditions do not permit the agreement item and substitute item go side by side. In other words, partial substitution is not permited. Once the Agreement item/sustitute item theory is implimented in CPWD Assistant Engineers case, thousands of other agreements needs to be re opend across india. Perhaps this could be the reason that the competent authority is not able to give the in “principle approval”. So Let us be realistic and true to the facts.
    K. Chandran AE


  2. 6th pay commission has recomended macp and govt has accepted it and is almost implimented in all central govt deptt .My friends macp is like agreement item govt is bound to pay it now junior meambers want acp this is like substitution item in -principle approval of the compitent athourity is required which is awaited have a patience and faith in our association both juniors as well as seniors will get ACP and MACP respectvely. A k Mahajan chandigarh


  3. Can anybody clarify the following with reference to 6th pay commission recommendations approved by the Government ?

    1) Who is the final authority to decide on ACP/MACP to CPWD Assistant Engineers ?

    2) Whether the competent authority has already taken a decision in this regard ?

    2) Whether the Associations have any roll to play in deciding the choice of ACP/MACP ?

    3) If yes, whether the Association/associations has/have exercised its option already ?

    4) If yes whether provision is available for the Association/Associations to change the options frequently ?

    5) Whether the Department can change the decision of approving MACP to ACP, based on a letter addressed by the Secretary of one of the Associations ?

    6) Whether any one can guarantee that the present choice ACP is final and that no further change will be asked by an another “dynamic leader” on a later date ?

    6) Once we know all these do we need to fight each other ?



    The appeal of General Secretary/CPWDEA on dated 04.06.2012 and clarification of Ex. Office bearers of CPWDEA/Bangalore not makes me impatient but I became astonished. Welfare Association was framed for the mass welfare and to raise the demands which are beneficial for the majority of members. Every member of any welfare Association has full right to raised his/her voice for the benefit of majority of members, hence the members who raised their voice for the erstwhile ACP should not be treated as Bad-Blood for the CPWDEA, may be their voice are husky for some vested interested people. The activity of Central Leadership of CPWDEA forced me to think about the following incidents.
    1) All commitment for the list of MACPS by the GS/CPWDEA are time bound but there are no time bound commitment for the implementation of erstwhile ACP though ACP scheme has been treated by him as the beneficial to majority of members in the long term.
    2) Before approval as well as circulating the minutes of the Apex meeting at Gangtok( 26 & 27 April 2012) under what compulsion half truth has been expressed for the letter given to the Jt. Secretary on dated 22.05.2012, when full truth of single option will come out?
    3) Under what compulsion the decision of Chandigarh Apex is not yet raised though it was decided prospectively or retrospectively, moreover as per the GS/CPWDEA the additional plan of Chandigarh Apex was for one list of MACPS which has been properly and honestly fulfilled by him but till now the GS/CPWDEA is not showing his firm and honest effort for implementation of erstwhile ACP, though it is known by all that several time UD has been asked by the DOPT for single option?
    4) Under what compulsion the justified demands of ER for changing the demands of Memorandum for Dharna on 06.06.2012 have been neglected by the Central leadership?
    5) Any issue cannot develop vertical crack but hypocritical decision on any issue by the leadership may develop vertical crack, particularly at this situation when welfare of the majority of members in the long term are neglected.
    With Regards,
    ANUP KUMAR CHAKRABORTY ( M/NO. 09433375219)



    I am not agreed with cpwdea BANGLORE,they are requested to keep mum for asking MACP as this is a poison for junior members and coming caders of cpwdea.
    The General Secretary of cpwdea must act in favor of ACP as asked by ER., WR and all other juniors and sympathetic seniors without further delay.
    The GS also requested to show some interest to stop 2ND MACP FOR HIS BAD BLOOD JUNIOR MEMBERS.
    The ER categorically asked to restore ACP since the time of MR DIPAK BOSE.But always you ignoring the same and showing full support to SR .What is the reason behind it?



    Dear members
    I am totally confused after viewing the comments of General Secretary on 04/06/2012. In 1st Para our GS rightly indentified that restoration of ACPs without any condition is beneficial to everyone in the long run. At present in this Global economic crisis as well as Indian political scenario no Govt employee are expecting any better career advancement in future which is proved in case of 6th CPC. Rather it may go from bad to worse. Till date 5th CPC gives us maximum benefit in the name of ACP.
    Our Association and we the members of this Association trying hard to give maximum benefit of both ACP and MACP scheme to all the members since last 3 years.
    In 3rd para GS reported that Dopt forced to opt for ACP or MACP in toto and not any scheme which is an amulgamation of both schemes.
    In 4th Paragraph General Secretary informed that they had fore seen the same situation and at Chandigarh Apex in Feb 2011 it was decided to opt for ACPs only if asked by the Govt to choose between two schemes. Now my question is when it is already decided then what else is required to give it in writing that we will choose ACP as single option. Why in Gangtok Apex again same thing are discussed and same amalgamation formula approved. Every time our Association approved a decision in favour of ACP but in actual when time comes to convey the decisions to the department then again step back and time lapses. So i am confused that why decisions are taken in favor of ACP if that cannot be conveyed to the appropriate authority. It is also observed that after the apex one dharna are organised mostly to implement 3rd MACP. In recent times after Chandigarh Apex on Feb 2011 dharna were held in May 2011 for implementation of 3rd MACP and other agenda. After Gangtok Apex in April 2012 Dharna organised on this month with implementation of 7600 gp MACP as 2nd point. I could not understand the strategy behind it.
    In 5th paragraph General Secretary refereed about running of bad blood among our members. In this regard I want to mention that I constantly writing in this blog in favour of ACP and also perusing for implementation of ACP scheme since last 3 years. If that means I am bad blood among the members then it is most unfortunate for any members in any Association. Every member have right to raise his voice in favour of his betterment. No one in this world is perfectly wright. Any constructive criticism should be welcomed rather than ignored in the name of bad blood. As per Chandigarh Apex plan one list of MACP already issued (though I am not at all convinced with the plan) then in Gangtok Apex why same decission with modified language are approved.
    In 6th paragraph our General Secretary raised concern for the members who will join with new RR if approved. Again I am confused with this comments. No one knows what happened in future. We live with the present. At present scenario those who did not get 2nd ACP are worst sufferer and we should concentrate on their matter only. In future if such situation arises then we will take up the matter accordingly. But I could not support of delaying ACP on this ground.
    We are patiently waiting for last three years in this regard and attend all agitation programme with the hope that one day we will get our ACP back but seems going away from our hand because our association are reluctant not to act in favour of ACP scheme.
    With Regards


  7. This clarification on the comments of G.S. CPWDEA made on 04.06.2012.

    1. In the General Body Meeting of CPWDEA, SR held on 21.01.2011, The G.S, CPWDEA has assured the members he will make maximum effort to clear the 3rd MACP under grade pay 7600/- immediately and asked for two months time to get release of sanction of 1st list of 3rd MACP. Before 31st march of 2011. In case it is not materialized CPWDEA it self will take up to 3rd MACP case thought CAT / court.

    2. CPWDEA conducted Dharna All Over India on 12.05.2011 for immediate implementation of 3rd MACP under grade pay 7600/- and it was grand success.

    3. The General Secretary, CPWDEA was informing that the 2nd list of 3rd MACP is under process, he is behind it for sanction of 2nd list, and it is expected by March end 2012.

    4. It was not happened, further during 2nd week of April 2012, the General Secretary has told the staff are attending Delhi Corporation Election duty hence, it is delayed and 2nd list likely to be sanctioned by end of April 2012.

    5. After the meeting with UD Minister on 12.03.2012 The General Secretary, CPWDEA has informed the UD Minister has agreed to sanction the 3rd MACP under grade pay 7600/- in a time bound manner.

    6. Nothing has happened based on the assurances of the General Secretary and Central Office of CPWDEA.

    7. All of sudden the policy on 3rd MACP changed by CPWDEA. ACP has become restoration and 3rd MACP has become one time option / raider to ACP.

    8. 3rd MACP under grade pay 7600/- is due from the Govt. and Dept. but delayed it can’t be optional one.

    9. Directing the members to go for battle for their legitimate rights is not fair on the part of association that too keeping the case for long time. (more than 3 years).

    By Ex-office bearers of CPWDEA, Bangalore.


  8. Option would have been the best choice if the government was willing


  9. excellent view, keep it up


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