Havells’ New Generation LED Range

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Light-emitting diode (LED) #3

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in home and commercial space décor, the reason being the dearth of day light source in buildings due to space constraints for placing windows and ventilators in modern day buildings. There are different types of decorative lighting available in the market and though they might look attractive but how many of them are energy efficient is a bone of contention. Usually, low price lighting consumes more power than desired and emits less light which leads to wastage of power and are not environment-friendly too.

In these days of rising energy costs, it is increasingly becoming essential to use energy-efficient lighting products. Energy efficient lighting uses less electricity than standard lighting which helps in saving money on power bills and helps to protect environment.

LED (Light-emitting-Diodes) is an energy saving lighting lamp designed to fit into roughly the same space as a CFL/incandescent lamp, but with the advantages of more energy efficient lighting lamp as compare with old lighting lamps. A LED lamp (also called LED bar or Illuminator) is a type of solid state lighting (SSL) that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. They usually comprise clusters of LEDs in a suitable housing. LEDs by nature emit light in a very small focused wavelength range that is characteristic to the energy band gap of the semiconductor. In order to overcome this, two primary methods of creating white light from LEDs are being used, red-green-blue LEDs and phosphor converted LEDs.

LED consumes 50% less energy than traditional sources. It is four times more energy efficient than regular incandescent lamps, since a larger part of the energy is converted into light than is lost as heat. There is no use of glass or filament in these kinds of lights as compared to normal lights; hence it has a phenomenally longer lifespan with average life of 50,000 to 80,000 hours. LED light not only reduces the electricity bills but also improves the quality of working conditions at commercial establishments and offices.

Havells Light-emitting-Diodes (LED) range ‘Endura Lite’ consists of consumer lighting, street lighting and lamps. These lamps are easy to install and do not emit UV radiation. It is smaller in size and lighter in weight. Endura Lite is suitable to fit in standard MR 16 fixtures and has been tested for its high shock resistance and durability. These new age lighting innovations are designed to give higher efficiency and consume low power and has environment-friendly luminous source which make it the best in LED lighting category.

Endura Lite is favorable to be used in the following spaces like, Jewellery Mart, Designer Showrooms, Recreational Areas, High-end specialty shops, Auditoriums, Theaters, Art Galleries and Museums, Endura Lite transforms the look of an ordinary space into an extraordinary one.

Some of the latest LED range of Havells


Havells' New Generation LED Range

Tunnel Light Range – Endura Tunnel Lights are available in two ranges – Endura Tunnel Tek S and Endura Tunnel Tek L with adjustable installment of illumination. Its robust Special Air Convection Heat Sink Design adds to its efficiency, durability and helps in fireproofing. It is suitable for following applications such as Tunnels, Public places, Roads, Under- ground Passes, Railways, Underground Parking Places. The range is available in cool white color. Price range Rs. 85,000/-.

Down Lighter Range – Endura Down Lighter is available in three ranges – SQ Swivel, RD Swivel, and DL 16W. SQ swivel and RD swivel lights are available in 4*3W with round and square shape. This range comes with a wide operating voltage. Its unique design of heat sink is more effective for air dissipation. The range is available in sleek and elegant design in cool and warm colors. Price range Rs. 6600/-.

Street Light Range – Endura Cityliner S60 street light is available in 60W power with cool white color. It comes in adjustable installations. It is perfectly suited for Sidewalks, Road Lighting, Urban lighting, Public places, Parking Areas, etc. Price range Rs. 75,000/-.

These new generation lamps are easy to install at any outdoor locations. These lamps are environment-friendly as they do not emit UV radiations. Moreover, these lights had been tested for its high shock resistance, efficiency and durability which make it the best in LED lighting category.


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