MACP grade pay of Rs.7600/- is Signed by DG,CPWD

      The first list of MACP for grade pay of Rs.7600/- to  117 AEs in Civil and 82 AEs in Electrical streams is Signed by DG,CPWD today.Order/List of AE’S has been issued  by department on Today i.e. 02/02/2012. list available in our website 


About CPWD Engineers' Association

It is a great pleasure to inform you that CPWD Engineers Association has launched its Blogging page. Now this page will bring to you latest developments/activities of our Members. All efforts are being made to ensure that this website caters to the requirement of CPWD Engineers so far as their various information through this Association is concerned. In course of time this page would be the most useful source of information and would reduce the gap between the Engineers and this Association. Please must inform to other members too. This page is added for various interesting things, Important News & Activities of Association .

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  1. i have joined as a JE IN Dandakaranya project on 09.10.1980 and become AE ON 21.01.2013 AND MY MACP case was sent to HQ DURING march 2013 till date my MACP
    WAS NOT CLEARED. My all property statements,upto date CRS posted in pims,no vigilance cases pending, still my MACP WAS NOT CLEARED. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ,WHAT IS THE

    Name ; K.P.REDDY, DESIGNATION :Assistant Engineer(civil)
    HYDERABAD-500080 PH. 09618945341



    Dear Charan. We feel proud of you. Your promise to us at Chennai GB in getting 3rd MACP is achieved. It is all your tireesss and whole hearted efforts that has come again true. Many may be surprised. But not me, since our hearts are beating the same voice. Your undobuted efforts are again applauded by one and all in nour community. We are with you. Rise your chest and march forward. CPWDEA Zindabad. T.KRISHNAMURTHI. COIMBATORE


    • *List of EEs/AEs whose requisition for 3rd MACP have been received in EC-III,CPWD,Nirman Bhawan,New Delhi. EEs/AEs, who are eligible for 3rd MACP and their name have not included in this list may send their details in Performa available in our website.*


  3. I am awaiting reply for my enquiry.


  4. Good news.What about retired and serving promotee EE(C) and EE(Elect) 3rd MACP?


  5. Thank you Charan. Really 3rd MACP is an achievement.Aage bado.Hum sath hey.
    T.P.Sukumaran ,Bangalore.


  6. Congrats to the Central office in getting the Ist list of MACP out. Hope the wheel rolls on and all pending cases are finalised soon.Keep the good work going.

    AE, Chennai.


  7. what about the rest of cases , i mean after 1977 batch,when did the next list is coming?how can some members of 1981 and 1980 batch got it earlier while there is ample number of earlier batch 1977 -79 engineers are still waiting?Is this first list only mean for the individuals who apply for the same ?


  8. Thank you Charan you have achieved getting MACP which we thought we may not get. We continue to support you. N.Kandasamy AE, Pondicherry


  9. We are thankful that due to the association’s continuous efforts, we are able to achieve our goals. In particular thanks for the sincere efforts of Er. P.R.C.


  10. It’s all due to the continued support of all our members and their faith in our commitment to get this legitimate demand. However we have to see that the orders are issued immediately and DPCs are held regularly. Moreover we have to try hard to achieve similar scale to all our members irrespective of the fact whether they are senior or junior. We hope with all the moral support from our members we will acieve this also

    Thanks to all who stood by us all this time

    P.R.Charan Babu
    General Secretary,CPWDEA


  11. Surender Kumar Sharma

    congratulations to fellow Engineers. I would request the association to take matter of regularisation of promotions of AE to EE due, due to the 1996 rule, so as to block efforts of some vested interests to use delay tactices to defeat the efforts on time bar pleas.


  12. The cpwd engineers association web site is very much ‘impressive’ and I am happy to see the updated information in a faster manner. My sincere thanks to Mr.Charan babu and his team.


  13. fastest reply wonderful thanks k.venkateswarlu hyderabad


  14. Date is wrong .. Monday is 23rd January 2012


  15. P.NAGARAJAN. AE. Chennai

    Congratulating each and every member who had tirelessly toiled for achieving this GOAL. A special thanks to Com. Charan Babu and Com. Bhubender for making this possible even after facing many hurdles.Once again we proved by Unity we can make impossible as possible. Long live CPWD EA. – 20.01.2012.


  16. very fast posting! but date may be corrected as 23/1/2012. Never mind. Just some members heartbeat may skip for a while. Thanks for posting good news.


  17. kindly edit the logo and it should color full . letter may get redesigned


  18. a good begining of year 2012


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