1. The holder of the CGHS card is personally responsible for its safe custody.

2. In case of loss of a CGHS card or a temporary index card. It shall be incumbent on the card holder to report the loss immediately to the Office of the Additional Director (HQ), New Delhi and also to the Ministry or Office which sponsored the requisition for the issue of the CGHS card.

3. On receipt of a report from the card holder about the loss of the CGHS card., the Ministry / Office concerned shall send a Report to the Office of the Additional Director (HQ), CGHS, and New Delhi giving full details of the circumstances leading to the loss of CGHS card.

4 In case the lost CGHS card is subsequently found, the Office of Additional Director, CGHS shall be informed and in case a duplicate one has been issued in the meantime, the original CGHS card shall be returned to the Office of Additional Director, CGHS for cancellation.

5. A penalty of Rs.50 shall he imposed on the person concerned for the loss of the CGHS card. The penalty once deposited will not be refunded even if the CGHS card is subsequently retrieved.

6. The loss of CGHS card shall be recorded by the Ministry / Office concerned in the remarks column against the relevant entry in the Register of CGHS cards maintained by them in the prescribed Form ‘E’.

7. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare may in special circumstances and for the reasons to be recorded in writing, waive the penalty charges for the loss of a CGHS Card in any particular case.

8. Besides the recovery of penalty charges, a Government employee who fails to give a satisfactory explanation for the loss of CGHS card(s) issued to him /her, would be liable to disciplinary action.

9. In the case of the loss, mutilation of CGHS card, a temporary card will be iIssued only after the penalty charges for such loss or mutilation, as the case may be, have been deposited by the concerned employee.

10. Penalty for Mutilation of the CGHS card before the period of expiry is Rs 50/-.


1. CGHS card Issued by the Directorate General of Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) is not transferable.

2. Misuse of CGHS card will entail penal consequences and in the case of Government employees, disciplinary action can also be taken.

3. On the expiry of the period of validity of a CGHS card, the holder of the CGHS card shall surrender it immediately to the Ministry/Office concerned and apply for renewal or the CGHS card(s), if necessary.

4. The holder of a CGHS card(s) will surrender it to the sponsoring authority when the CGHS card is no longer required by him on account of his transfer or shifting of residence to a non-CGHS covered area.

5. Each Ministry / Office sponsoring requisitions for CGHS cards shall maintain a register in Form ‘E’ to record the details of CGHS cards issued as per the recommendation of the Ministry / Office. This register shall be submitted to the Directorate General of CGHS if and when required for scrutiny.

6. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare may issue any further instructions, as may be considered necessary to supplement the CGHS Guidelines and instructions.

The new procedure as laid down in this Office Memorandum shall be effective from the 16th day of January, 2012 and it supersedes all previous instructions issued from time to time on the subject.


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